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Updated 02/16/2017

Louisiana Bass Cats conducted it's first tournament of the year. The OPEN tournament fielded 78 fishermen at Cabot Landing on 02/04/17. The seven money winners were as follows:

1st Place: Carrol Delahoussaye and Danny Buillard 17.3 lbs BB 5.3 lbs

2nd Place: Cody Patttillo and Troy Hebert 17 lbs BB 4.6 lbs

3rd Place: Brooks Morrison and Wesley Morrill 16 lbs BB 5.1 lbs

4th Place: Haden Pinell and Jimmy Gaspard 14.10 lbs BB 3.6 lbs

5th Place: Toby Granger and Neal Robin 14.2 lbs BB 3.7 lbs

6th Place: Keith Parker and Jarad Collins 14 lbs BB 4.10 lbs

7th Place: Pete Romero and Phil Lassalle 13.13 lbs BB 4.9 lbs

Tournament Big Bass: Hal Pinho 6.2 lbs

Congratulations Gang on a job well done!

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