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Updated 02/22/15

Each year The Louisiana Bass Cats hold a special tournament for the top 15 finishers or any member who fished all of the tournaments of the preceeding year. This year the CLASSIC tournament was held at the Marshfield Landing on 02/22/15. Click to see results.


Louisiana Bass Cats' first tournament of the year was held from the Cabot Landing on February 08. This was an OPEN tournament with First Place worth $1000.

Top finishers:

1st Place: Adam Marceaux and Jason Pellerin who had a 5 fish limit of 18 lbs 9 ozs.    They also had the tournament Big Bass 5.07,

2nd Place: Damon Clements and B.J. Becner. 18.5 lbs. Big Bass of 5.05 lbs.

3rd Place: Hal and Hayden Pinho. 17.10 lbs BB 4.13

4th Place: Paul Resweber and Mike O'Brian 17.6 BB 4.15

5th Place: Jude Bodin and Phil Ransonet 15.5 BB 4.1

6th Place: Billy Billeaud and Travis Kelehan 15.3

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BASS BASICS, A new feature of ACADIANABASS to help new bass fishermen read about the basics or seasoned fishermen who would like to brush up. These are the beliefs that I have used to guide me in this exciting passtime. They will be covered by the four seasons that bass use to survive. Choose the season:



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