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Updated 12/17/14

Ben Suit, a new member of Louisiana Bass Cats, is working for State Farm Insurance. If you are in need of insurance of any type, give Ben a call for a free quote 337-856-0802.


Louisiana Bass Nation 2015 Spring and Fall Tournaments. See info

For new clubs wanting to join the Nation, they will need to follow the instructions provided on the link below. (This can be found on, under NATION, then choosing the option....Start a new club.)

The instructions are pretty detailed and they have a great staff that can help through the process as they need it.  Every club must go through this step at the beginning.  BASS Nation dues are $30 to BASS and $25 to the state. (Per member).  For the initial start of the club, they can make a copy of the roster filled out for BASS and send one copy to BASS and one copy to us.  In the future as their officers update rosters on the web, they can simply export the roster into an excel file and send that to us with their dues.

I am not certain, but I do not think we have any other forms to fill out other than what they will get in their Club starter package from BASS.  Kevin can correct me on any of this as its been roughly 7 years since I messed with starting a new club.  As for where to send the information and dues, of course they will send one to BASS, and the one to the state can be sent to either myself, or Kevin, however he wants to handle it at this point.  I will provide my contact information for ya'll.  Tournament Entries will follow the same guidelines we all currently follow, due date one week prior to the qualifiers.

Let me know if I left anything open ended.


Ryan Lavigne


43141 Earl Bercegeay Rd.

Gonzales, LA  70737


The Coteau Bass Hustlers fished their final tournament of the year in the Atchafalaya Basin from the Myette Landing on November 08, 2014. Paul Trahan and Jason Jones took first place with a 5 fish stringer weighing 12.64 lbs. The team of Steve Doumit and Anthony Louviere had a 4.69 Big Bass.

Todd Trahan received the club's CHAMPION honors. Congratulations Todd. See full results.


American Rodsmiths is moving fast into the 2015 season. We would like to extend to you and your members the opportunity to purchase all discontinued products at reduced pricing. For more information see our website @ or feel free to contact me at the following.
Thank you
Bobby Smith


The Louisiana Bass Cats fished their final scheduled tournament of the year at Toledo Bend. Phil Ransonet and John Lemaire won the event. Phil earned the honor as Club Champion for 2014. Congratulations Phil
Get full results


Toledo Bend fishing forecast for October, 2014


The ALBC has had a change of policy regarding the boat raffle at the Best Six Tournament. Read in order to take advantage of the ticket sales.


Results of 2014 BEST SIX Tournament.


BASS BASICS, A new feature of ACADIANABASS to help new bass fishermen read about the basics or seasoned fishermen who would like to brush up. These are the beliefs that I have used to guide me in this exciting passtime. They will be covered by the four seasons that bass use to survive. Choose the season:



The area clubs had a shootout Sunday, March 23, at Lake Fausse point, called the Top Ten Tournament. So called because the top 10 fishermen in each club represented the club in this event.

Catahoula Bass Association came out first. Followed by last year's winner, Lipari Hog Fighters. Louisiana Bass Cats came in third and Coteau Bass Hustlers took fourth. This was a fun event where everyone caught fish. The standings change from year to year. This was Catahoula's year, congratulations!


The Catahoula Bass Association has published their 2014 schedule.


The TOP ROD BIG BASS CLASSIC fished Sunday, 02/23/14, from the Marshfield Landing, was a huge success. Click for full results.




Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries report on 14" fish limit


Louisiana Creel & Size Limits (modify bass size see above)


Saltwater Tides in Louisiana




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