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Updated 01/22/18

The new year calls for a clean sweep of this web site. All clubs start out even. I'd like to welcome all clubs from acadiana to participate in this sites ambition to bring the fishing news to all of it's followers. There is no cost to any club who wishes to use this site. Contact me, Lynn Landry,




Michel Fox and Ricky Watson clued me in to their 2018 Hawg Fights. New will be a Big Bass Spring beginning 02/01/18 and ending 03/17/18. You must register by Jan. 31st. at Rapid Lube - Judice Bldg Supply. You must call 337-653-4248 between 4 and 5:30. Cost will be $25. Money will be put in a pot and the largest 3 bass on Mar. 17th will win. This is in addition to the regular Hawg Fights which will begin March 21 @ Marshfield Landing with a 5:30 blast off. Register @ Rapid Lube or Judice BS. Registration ends on the day of the tournament.

There will be 10 tournaments. This site is under repair.

I purchased a beach house in Gulf Shores, AL, in November 2014 and since then I have been competely renovating it. It is now completed and up for weekly rentals. The house is named CHASING MERMAIDS. I can now get back to the serious business of fishing. See on YouTube


Post Spawn in New England

Wacky worm fishing


TOLEDO BEND Fishing Report: 10/08/17


Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries report on 14" fish limit


Louisiana Creel & Size Limits (modify bass size see above)


Saltwater Tides in Louisiana




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