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Updated 09/18/18

For the time being, please refer to the Facebook page for information. New program in the making.

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Coteau's 9th tournament was fished from Myette Landing on 09/15/18.
Charles Jefferson and Blaine Miller took FIRST PLACE with 9.34 lbs.
Jason Jones and Guest, Ben took SECOND PLACE with 8.71 lbs.
THIRD PLACE was held by Keith Altazin and Guest, Brennon with 8.24 lbs.
BIG BASS was captured by the team of Doyle Louviere and B.S.D. 2.55 lbs.
Full Results
Coteau also fished their 2017 Top Ten Tournament on 09/08/18. Results are as follows:
01 Joey Trahan
02 B.S.D.
03 Charles Jefferson
04 Todd Trahan
05 Jason Jones
06 Steve Doumit
07 Marlin Hebert
08 Colby Hebert
09 Keith Altazin
10 Irvin Guillot, (peanut)


I would like to thank my good friends, Chris Vedrines and Don Shoopman, for providing much of the club information on this web site. Chris is involved with most of the area clubs and does a lot of the detailed work. Don, works for the Daily Iberian, and is responsible for many of the photos. Thanks guys!

HAWG FIGHT - sinitiere team

The dust has settled on your 2018 Hawg Fight Series of Bass Tournaments and the cream has risen to the top.  Ben Suit and Zach Suit ran away with the series championship.  Throughout the eleven tournaments they had two first places and two second places coupled with other high finishes.  It was close for a while but they continued to hold their lead until the very end.   Ben and Zach collected $300 for the series championship.   Darrell Mitchell vaulted over a couple of teams without his treasured partner Leonard “T-Clyde” Norbert and captured second place for the tournament series.  I am sure that “T-Clyde” was watching over him yesterday evening and was his usual smiling self when it was determined that his team had captured second place overall for the tournament series.   Third place went to Brandon Sellers and Johnny Schexnayder.  Brandon and Johnny started the year very strong and actually won 3 of the 11 tournaments which is an amazing performance based on the quality of fishermen that fish these tournaments.    A hardy congratulations to these three fine teams.   An important announcement will be following on the Facebook Page with information for the qualifiers that will be fishing the Hawg Fight Classic Tournament to be held on August 26th

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Now, it’s time for all of us to begin preparations for the Classic Tournament.  Throughout this year’s 11 tournaments $10 from each boat was retained.  Couple that with the classic entry fee of $100 per boat and we should have a great tournament and the top teams and big bass winners will be very happy with their winnings and very proud to have beat most of the best bass fishermen in our area.

The classic meeting will be Wednesday, August 22nd at 6:30 PM at Billeaud’s Too, 1512 Weeks Island Road, New Iberia, LA  70560.  Meal and soft drinks will be provided by Billeaud’s.  However, BYOB!  Call Mike Sinitiere at Phone: 337-321-1178 should there be any questions.

Your tournament committee has worked hard all year to ensure a successful tournament series.   All tournament decisions have been made by a majority vote of the tournament committee members.  However, this is where things change and the participants will be required to make the decision.  As indicated in the rules, the location of the classic will be determined by a vote of the eligible participants.  During the meeting, all present members will vote on the location of the Hawg Fight Classic Tournament scheduled for August 26th.    The Classic landing will be one of the four that we have fished from this year.  They include Marshfield, Bayou Benoit, Myette Point, and Franklin Canal.  The one with the most votes will be chosen.  Entry fee is $100 per boat and will be collected at the meeting.  Anyone unable to attend the meeting must pay the entry fee prior to Friday, August 24th at 5:00 PM at Cajun Guns and Tackle.

58 Persons, approximately 29 teams have qualified to fish the classic.  Total retained throughout the year, for the Classic, from the bi-weekly tournaments is $2,740 less $300 for the Series Champions, Ben & Zach Suit.  That leaves $2,440 plus the $100 per boat Classic entry fees for a tournament pot that should be in excess of $5,000.    Total places paid and big bass percentages will be finalized and announced during the meeting and on this Facebook page the following day.

Courtesy of Chris Vedrines


HAWG FIGHT - fox/watkins

Hawg Fight #7 fox/watkins was fished from Marshfield Landing this past Wedesday, June 13, 2018. There were 12 boats participating in the tournament. When it was over:
Randy Durand won the marbles with Big Bass of 4.06 lbs and total weight of 7.65.
Austin Theriot and Seth Romero took Second Place with 6.52 lbs.
Third Place: Zach Suit and Mike Sinitiere with 6.25 lbs.
No photographs were provided. All of these fishermen have great skills. Click for full results


Results of 2018 Cypress Band TOBI tournament.


TOP ROD BIG BASS CLASSIC was fished Sunday, 02/25/18 from 7 am - 3 pm.

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