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Updated 06/15/18

HAWG FIGHT - fox/watkins

Hawg Fight #7 fox/watkins was fished from Marshfield Landing this past Wedesday, June 13, 2018. There were 12 boats participating in the tournament. When it was over:
Randy Durand won the marbles with Big Bass of 4.06 lbs and total weight of 7.65.
Austin Theriot and Seth Romero took Second Place with 6.52 lbs.
Third Place: Zach Suit and Mike Sinitiere with 6.25 lbs.
No photographs were provided. All of these fishermen have great skills. Click for full results


HAWG FIGHT - sinitiere

The sixth tournament in the Hawg Fight Series of Bass Tournaments was completed last evening out of Bayou Benoit landing.  It seems that high water in the Atchafalaya Basin might have scared a few people off and that was evidenced by the difficult fishing conditions.  Twenty four boats went after the green beasts.  The evening was further complicated by two boats having mechanical problems but the great group of people that fish this series of tournaments picked up one of the partners in the disabled boats and brought them and their fish to the landing so they could be weighed in before the deadline.  A special thank you to the guys that brought them to the scales and also to the guys that went back out and towed in the disabled boats.  After all was said and done, two of the series regular participants, Leonard “T-Clyde” Norbert and Darrell Mitchell captured first place with a stringer of 7.47 pounds and won $480 for their efforts.  With a broke down boat and sweating getting to the weigh in in time, series leaders Ben and Zach Suit took Second place with 6.02 pounds for $288 and also had big bass of 2.76 pounds and that brought them another $240.  Third place for $192 was taken by Luke Bulliard.   The next Hawg Fight will be at 5:30 pm out of Bayou Benoit landing on June 20th.  Entry fees must be paid at Cajun Guns & Tackle before 1:00 PM the day of the tournament.   Remember  your sun screen and stay hydrated this summer.  Hope to see everyone on June 20th at Bayou Benoit.

Chris Vedrines

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The young guns ruled by swamping the field at the Louisiana Bass Cats tournament held Sunday, May 21st out of Franklin. The team of Zach Suit and TJ Norris brought in a massive stringer of 16 pounds 11 ounces, including the tournament big bass of 4 pounds 4 ounces. Their efforts resulted in winning $220 for first place plus $110 for Big Bass. Just shy of 17 pounds at this time of the year in south Louisiana is a very impressive bag. Zach has been on fish as evidenced by his being on the winning team in the last two Wednesday evening Hawg Fight Tournaments and his co-lead in that tournament series. While Zach and TJ were hammering them, most of the rest of the field were being eaten alive by biting gnats. While catching that quality of fish, Zach and TJ probably didn’t even feel the gnats that left many of us with red bumps and swollen on all areas of exposed skin.

In second place was father and son team of Phil and Derick Ransonet with 11 pounds 10 ounces winning $132 and third place was Randal Savoy and Bucky Crowson with 10 pounds 12 ounces winning $88. The club standings will be posted as soon as Mr. Lynn compiles everything.

We have a lot of new members in the club this year so I have attached a copy of the club rules.  I encourage everyone, including our older members, to read them in order to avoid any unintentional rule violations which could result in a DQ.

The Louisiana Bass Cats do not have a tournament in June so our next meeting will be July 9th and the next tournament will be July 22nd. We hope everyone enjoys the start of summer and remember to stay safe and apply sun screen every time you go in the sun.
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Chris Vedrines
Louisiana Bass Cats



Coteau fished their 5th tournament from Henderson Lake on 05/12/18. Jason Jones and Jake Wiltz (guest) took first place honors with 4 fish weighing 4.87 lbs. in a tough tournament.
Marlin Hebert and Doyle Louviere placed second with 3 fish of 4.62 lbs. Marlin took Big Bass honors with a 2.85 bass.
Third place was held by Robie Meyer and Blaine Miller with 4 fish weighing 4.32 lbs.
Henderson was tough, not giving up many fish, but everyone had a great time! Full results


Results of 2018 Cypress Band TOBI tournament.


TOP ROD BIG BASS CLASSIC was fished Sunday, 02/25/18 from 7 am - 3 pm.

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