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In 1994, a group of fishermen, who enjoyed fishing Toledo Bend, decided to form a fishing club dedicated to fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn. Twelve people, minimum required to be sanctioned, formed the club known as LONE RANGER BASS CLUB. The original members were Mr and Mrs Lynn L Landry, Mr and Mrs David Landry, Mr and Mrs Michel Fox, Mr and Mrs Tommy Trotter, Mr and Mrs Jed Broussard, and Mr and Mrs Brian Broussard.

Four tournaments were scheduled at Toledo Bend and Rayburn. Keith Richard and Tam Delcambre replaced Mrs Brian Broussard and Mrs Jed Broussard. In May of 1995, fishing the LOUISIANA TOP SIX tournament, the LONE RANGER BASS CLUB finished in THIRD PLACE. Later the same year in

November, LONE RANGERs entered the ANGLER'S CHOICE BASS CLUB INVITATIONAL on Sam Rayburn, competing against 300 top anglers, caught 95 lbs (14 lbs better then second place), and WON a ZX180 SKEETER RIG valued at $18000.

In the 2000 LOUISIANA TOP SIX tournament, LONE RANGERS ended in FOURTH PLACE.

The team finished EIGHTH in the LOUISIANA TOP SIX 2001.
In 2002 Scott McFarlain, Ryan Landry, Bucky Crowson joined the team.
Late in 2004 Ronnie Dressel became the newest member. Kirt Romero was inducted in 2005.

Fishing LOUISIANA TOP SIX 2005, the Lone Ranger Club was positioned in SECOND PLACE after the first day but dropped to SEVENTH PLACE on the final day.
In 2006, Lone Ranger ended SIXTH and ELEVENTH on day one and day two of LOUISIANA TOP SIX.

In 2010, Barry Romero, Jimmy Gary, Malcolm Crochet, Mike Sinitiere, Phil Ransonet, Todd Citrano, Peter Romero were added to the roster.

After a four year layoff, the team fished the BEST SIX Tournament for the first time and didn't do so well, finishing 24th.

The team fishes hard and has been very lucky.