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Updated 02/27/16



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The Top Rod Classic was held at Marshfield Landing on February 28, 2016. The tournament was a great success. Roy Savoy and his crew did an outstanding job setting up and manageing this tournament.

The final results are:

Tournament Champion: Mike Louviere. Mike had a second place fish of 4 lbs in the sixth hour and a first place fish weighing 4.08 lbs in the eighth hour.
Mike was also the CLUB CHAMPION of the Louisiana Bass Cats for 2015.
Congratulations Mike!

Tournament Big Bass: Wesley Verret. Wesley's big bass was entered in the seventh hour. This first place fish weighed 5 .46 lbs.
Great job Wesley!

Big fish paid $250 first place - $150 second place - and $100 third place

1st hour 8 am: 5th hour 12 pm
         Beau Amy                4.12 lbs                                     Rodney Wagley            5.17 lbs
         Jacob Shoopman     3.16 lbs                                     Cody Pattillo                 2.70 lbs
         Nolan Doucet           3.08 lbs                                     Nolan Doucet                2.68 lbs

2nd hour 9 am:                                                         6th hour 1 pm
          Chad Guillot            2.67 lbs                                      Troy Amy                    4.60 lbs
          Brad Romero           2.65 lbs                                      Mike Louviere             4.00 lbs
          Blake Locascio        2.37 lbs                                      Arthur Thibodeaux      3.71 lbs

3rd hour 10 am                                                         7th hour 2 pm
          Mike Arcement        4.09 lbs                                      Wesley Verret              5.46 lbs
          Lynn Landry            3.54 lbs                                      Cade Lipari                  5.08 lbs
          David Landry           2.69 lbs                                      Wesley Morrel              3.08 lbs

4th hour 11 am                                                         8th hour 3 pm
          Blake Locasio          3.81 lbs                                      Mike Louviere              4.08 lbs
          Vernon Colston        3.03 lbs                                      Arthur Thibodeaux       3.67 lbs
          Hank Harris              2.84 lbs                                      Nick Derouen                3.41 lbs

Delicious gumbo was provided by Keith Leleux of SUPERIOR TROLLING MOTORS of Lafayette.

Well Done!

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