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Updated 05/19/2017

The Bass Cats originally scheduled Henderson as their next Lake of choice, however, it was changed to Marshfield Landing due to High water.
Ben Suit and Eric fusiler took first place with 10 lbs 9 ozs and Big Bass.
Second Place placed Mike Sinitiere and TJ Norris with 9 lbs 8 ozs.
Third Place was covered by Zach Suit and Jacob Shoopman with 8 lbs 14 oz
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This is how COTEAU ended up in TOP SIX 2017. results


The HAWG FIGHTS were fished from Marshfield Landing, due to the high water and shortage of time. Michel Fox and Ricky Watkins led the field again with an 8.75 stringer. They were short of Big Bass 4.25 by a mere .14 ozs. Buddy Flemings caught the Big Bass 4.35 lbs. Full results


Coteau's 5th tournament was fished from Henderson Lake. Rodney Decoux and Guest took first place honors with the only limit weighing 9.57 lbs. Second place went to Martin Hebert and Steve Doumit, 8.9 lbs. They also caught the Big Bass, 4.69 lbs. Click for full results.


Our local boys who fished the LOBI Mar 31 and 32, 2017, did quite well with Chris Vedrines and Michael Louviere placing 7th with 35.01 lbs.
Ronnie Dressel and Mike O'Brian came out 16th with 28.43 lbs.
Bucky Crowson and Bret Rogers took 38th place with 25.47 lbs.
just to name a few coming out in the top tiers. CONGRATULATIONS!
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Rules for 2017 Top Rod

Hawg Fight # 1 Marshfield

Hawg Fight Rules for : 2017


I purchased a beach house in Gulf Shores, AL, in November 2014 and since then I have been competely renovating it. It is now completed and up for weekly rentals. The house is named CHASING MERMAIDS. I can now get back to the serious business of fishing. See on YouTube


TOLEDO BEND Fishing Report:


Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries report on 14" fish limit


Louisiana Creel & Size Limits (modify bass size see above)


Saltwater Tides in Louisiana




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